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About Me

I am a psychic medium, which means that I can sense and connect with subtle energies, both those in your own energy field and those from Spirit. I work primarily with a combination of clairaudience and clairvoyance - which means that I receive information both as spoken word and as "mind's eye" images. I occasionally also receive clairsentient information - for instance a sensory impression of a physical condition or emotion. I then translate all this information to you, the person receiving the reading. It's really just another form of language, with me working as your interpreter.

Healing is at the heart of my work, and that is the intention behind a reading. You can expect to receive evidence of the continuation of life/consciousness beyond the death of the physical body, as well as guidance on your own current life path and soul journey. This can be helpful with grief, unresolved conflict, decision-making and navigating those tricky crossroads in career, relationships, health, and life in general. It can be very emotional of course, but ultimately it is also a very uplifting, beneficial and healing experience. So if you feel you would like comfort and guidance during these difficult times, do get in touch.

Suzanne x

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Soul Guidance, 

Psychic Mediumship and Clairvoyancy Readings

About Me

"Seeing death as the end of life is like seeing the horizon as the end of the ocean"

David Searls


Working from Home
Holding Hands
Divine Healing

Private Zoom Reading

1:1 Reading via Zoom, £40 for 30 minutes paid in advance. Click below to find out more (including refund policy) and to arrange an appointment.

Once a month I offer a free Zoom reading - please use the contact form to send me your details with the heading 'READING DRAW'. If I draw your name from the digital hat, I will email you to see if you want to go ahead with a reading completely free of charge.

Please note conditions of entry.

Private In-Person Reading (London)

Currently unavailable due to current Covid-19 guidelines. Please get in touch to go on a waiting list and be contacted when I am able to offer this service. 

Distant Healing

Distant healing is offered by the wonderful LSM healers, and you can request it for yourself or another, including a beloved animal, by adding them to the Healing Book via the button below. It is offered with love and is free of charge - however if you can afford to make a donation to the church, they are always very gratefully received and put to good use.

Please note that energy healing should not be sought as a replacement to medical treatment.

This button will open a new page and redirect you to the LSM website.

Services and Costs


"Suzanne is the best and truly gifted! She has the most beautiful and calming presence to put you at ease with the reading. Her ability to connect is astounding and she gives you confidence that she's relaying messages as she receives them. There is no ego so the sessions are filled with joy. I feel so light and happy after a session and I will definitely be going to see her again!"

H. Bishop

"Suzanne concentrated on the messages coming through to her, even if they didn't make sense to her they did to me, and I really felt a connection throughout the reading. I was a bit dubious about having a reading over Zoom as I thought in person would generate a stronger reading. I know now that this is not the case and I'd highly recommend anyone to have a reading with Suzanne if they want a careful, guided and nurtured reading."


"Such a comforting and reassuring experience. Suzanne was very warm and compassionate. There were strong moments of resonance. The messages I received were very helpful guides which gave me clarity and focus through confusion."

Eloise Juryeff


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