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Your Reading: What To Expect

You may have heard lots of stories about people who claim to be mediums 'cold reading' their clients. This is simply not the case with genuine energy workers, and we simply don't have the time or inclination to research you thoroughly online! However - so that you can be sure you are having a genuine experience, Spirit first give Evidence - this may be facts from their own life which you can verify, or something from your own life so that you are reassured that your loved one is still connected to you and aware of what is going on. Clients are often surprised that this can be something as mundane as the fact you found some foreign currency in an old wallet that morning, or missed the bus and had to take a taxi - but it's something the medium couldn't have known and it is very reassuring and oftentimes amusing. Spirit have a wonderful sense of humour!

Once enough evidence has been given, we move onto the Messages part of the reading. This is where bigger issues that you are facing often come up, and the messages are given to advise, comfort, and guide you. 

At the end of the reading, you can ask questions if anything hasn't been covered so far. 

You may hear from one energy during a reading, and have an in-depth chat with them, or you may have several loved ones come through more briefly. However it pans, always know that Spirit know what is going on with you, your worries and concerns, and you will always receive what you need at that time. It comes from the highest place of love. Also remember that you have free will, so if Spirit advise you to do something you don't 'have' to do it - it is merely advice to guide you onto the best path with the higher knowledge that Spirit possess. 

Getting ready for your reading

Have some tissues and water to hand. For an in-person reading, feel free to bring any photographs or personal effects along with you - but this is not necessary. For an online reading, it can be nice to light a white candle or tea light and have that nearby, but again it is not vital to do so as I will have cleared the energetic space for us to work in.

The reading can go by in a blur, so it can be helpful to record the audio of the session on your phone or other recording device, so you can listen again later. Please ensure mobile phones are on airplane mode or 'do not disturb', to ensure your session is not interrupted. Please do not record the video of the reading without my prior knowledge and consent.

It can be beneficial to sit quietly for 10-15 minutes before the reading starts. Use this time to think about what you want to get from the reading - is there someone specific you want to hear from? Is there a particular issue or area of your life you would like to receive guidance on? Have you lost a beloved piece of jewellery and would like help in locating it? I don't need to know what you have asked for, Spirit know and will respond. If you are just curious and are happy to just see what happens, and don't put any thoughts out before, then that's OK too - Spirit know what you need even if you aren't clear on this, and the message will be just what you need at the time, and will come from whomever is best placed to guide you in that area.


When it is time for the reading, click on the Zoom link I have sent you, and I will start the meeting. If we are connecting on Skype, I will see you online and initiate the call. 


How much is it and how do I book?

Readings are £40 and last anything between 30 minutes and an hour. Please use the contact form on the Home page to get in touch to arrange a session.

Why do you ask for payment up front?

This is for my own protection. However if you are not happy with the reading then please inform me during the first 15 minutes of the appointment and I will issue a full refund. Similarly, if for any reason I can't connect with the energy (rarely but sometimes happens) then I will offer an alternative appointment or full refund. This will be sent back to the same account or card from which payment was made. Please see T&C page for more details on our Refund and Cancellation Policies.

How do I know you are genuine, and that the person coming through is who they say they are?

The first section of the reading is centred around Evidence - these will be facts or memories you can verify from the life of the person coming through, or from your own life.

What if I can't verify the evidence - if I can't remember or didn't know the person very well?

When this happens, make a note to check later - often facts can be verified from other family members, the family tree, and so on. I can also ask them for evidence from your own life which you can verify more easily.

Can I ask to hear from someone specific, or for specific evidence?

I do not ask to hear from anyone specific, it is important to allow whomever wishes to make contact to come through and present whatever evidence they wish to present, as they know have higher knowledge regarding what you need and it important to trust in that. If there is someone in particular that you wish to hear from, the best way to approach this is to sit quietly before the reading and put a thought out along the lines of "I'd really love to hear from Great Aunt Mabel today", and in all likelihood you will hear from them. Sometimes, especially when someone has recently passed, you may not be ready to hear from them, even if you think you are - and on those occasions you may find they don't come through. Try not to be too disappointed - just trust that Spirit knew you weren't ready, and that person will come through for you at a future date when you are. Feel free to ask me more on this during the questions section of the reading. You can also find further information here.

What if someone comes through that I don't want to hear from?

I can ask them to step back. However it may be worth hearing them out even briefly - often from this conflicts are resolved and healing comes. 

Someone came through who is still alive - does this mean they are dead or will die?

This happens occasionally, often in the case of people who are unable to communicate physically or are very ill or in a coma. Don't be frightened, it is due to the fact that even while on the physical plane, a part of us remains in Spirit - and it is that part of them which is communicating with you, since their physical self is not able to. It is nothing to worry about, and is no harbinger of doom. I once had a friend come through who was in hospital following an accident - she went on to make a full recovery. Very occasionally, you may even hear from your pet!

Can you predict the future?

My job is to give evidence of continuation of life, not to predict the future. Spirit can see past present and future, so to an extent you may get what I call a 'peep around the corner' with regards to how a situation in your life may pan out given certain circumstances; however, since you retain Free Will, as do those around you, the future is fluid and therefore not predictable. And no, I sadly can't tell you this week's lottery numbers! 

What training do you have?

I have been clairvoyant and psychic since I was a child, with clairaudience and clairsentience coming in later. I have sat in development over the past 10 years or so, with Daphne Cross and in numerous Development Circles at the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain with some of the most experienced mediums in the field. More lately I have been working with the London Spiritual Mission, where I have attended development workshops and sit in weekly meditation with the group to send and receive healing and communicate with Spirit. I have worked with a Shaman on a regular basis since 2012, and also have a Spirit Guide that guides and oversees my development and my work. I am open to any questions on any of the above that you may have. You can find out more about the work of the SAGB, LSM, and Spiritualism in general on the Resources page. 

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