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Guidance from Spirit

For a personal reading, book here. I also receive wisdom from my guide, which I post it here and on the instagram page. You can use the drop down menu to search your topic, or just scroll down. Love and light x

Feeling stuck?

Spirit says: "If you think you are stuck then you close down energetically and that can only bring less options, and more thoughts of being stuck - more reasons or perceptions (false or otherwise) of being stuck - and so one tends to stay in the situation, to stay 'stuck'. If you think 'I have options', you put yourself in an open energetic state which will bring in ideas, options and opportunities. Then you can choose a pathway from there."

According to Tony Robbins, we always have at least 3 choices. So let's use that as a starting point - write down 3 choices that come to you. You may not find them all appealing, but that doesn't matter - don't dwell on them, and don't discount them - just start writing and you will expand your energy and move your mind into a place of problem-solving and creating more options. You may find that each option has sub-options, too. Don't write 'but I can't because..' - don't go there, that is part of the stuck mentality and that is the habit we are breaking here. Just keep coming up with options, and you may well be surprised where the process takes you and the opportunities and ideas that present themselves to you. Try it today.

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